Curana Health and Serviam Launch Value-Based Care Alliance in Virginia


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Curana Health and Serviam Launch Value-Based Care Alliance in Virginia


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Combined Offering to Benefit Senior Living Residents and Operators in Commonwealth

AUSTIN, Texas and KANSAS CITY, Mo.Sept. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Curana Health, a provider of high quality clinical care through value-based programs that benefit residents and senior living organizations, and Serviam, a movement of senior living operators transforming the way America cares for seniors, have launched the Value-Based Care Alliance in Virginia—a coalition that advances the tenants of value-based care among senior living by providing the infrastructure, services, and scale that operators need to effectively succeed in value-based care.

The rollout of the Alliance in Virginia is the next step in the partnership between the two organizations, first announced in May. By providing support at the local level, the Alliance is bringing the best in technology, resources, and expertise to senior living operators, and working with them side-by-side to operationalize and deliver value-based care in their communities.

At the core of the Alliance is Serviam’s HigherPath model of care, an approach that helps seniors maintain the highest possible level of wellness, instead of waiting until they get sick to provide care, which is often more complex and expensive, while providing hands on support at the local level. Essential to unlocking the HigherPath is Curana’s proactive, team-based approach to highly coordinated patient care that is proven to enhance the care experience for senior living residents, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce unnecessary and often harmful health care spending.

Bickford Senior Living saw a tremendous improvement in hospital rates, emergency room visits, falls and length of stays—the most common impediments in senior health—by employing Serviam’s HigherPath model of care at Bickford’s Virginia communities,” said Alan Fairbanks, President, Serviam Care Alliance, and former Executive Vice President of Bickford Senior Living. “Through its partnership with Curana Health, Serviam can now take this model of care and replicate it across multiple locations, to encourage better health outcomes through value-based care at even more communities.”

By making on the ground, local support available at both the provider and operational level, Serviam and Curana have created an innovative way for Assisted Living/Memory Care communities to benefit from the health and financial rewards of value-based care by both reducing barriers that may otherwise prevent them from being involved and providing access to Curana Health’s Accountable Care Organization models and Medicare Advantage plans.

“Serviam and Curana are making it possible for communities to improve outcomes at the organization level, by creating a unique Alliance that will focus on better health for residents, and better financial health for operators by paying for outcomes produced. It’s a winning combination to expediting the promise of delivering high quality, personalized care to seniors,” said Chris Dawe, President of Curana Health Medical Group, and member of Serviam’s Board of Directors.

Fairbanks, who recently transitioned from Bickford Senior Living to Serviam to head up the Alliance, believes accessibility will be key to the adoption of value-based care in the future. “Bickford has been the petri dish for Serviam’s HigherPath model of care, with a focus on resources at the local level, being a key driver in better outcomes. By hiring folks in local markets, we can hold the hands of communities and teach them how to integrate this model of care which has proven effective in delivering on the promise of value-based care. No one else is doing that and it is incredibly exciting to see the potential of this Alliance in benefiting our nation’s seniors.

Greg Corns, formerly with Solterra Companies, has been hired as Vice President of Serviam Care Alliance of Virginia, to provide support to Alliance communities at the local level, with additional hires planned in the coming year.

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Serviam was created to serve a coalition of senior living providers whose purpose is to transform how America cares for seniors. The rapidly growing Network currently includes 25 operators across 40 states, in more than 700 communities, and more than 60,000 lives. For more information about Serviam Care Network, PBC visit

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