You deserve a better place to care


The business of caregiving needs to change

At Bickford, we believe that we’re all made to love. But too often, senior living organizations get in the way of their caregivers.

  • Bad Managers
  • Disengaged Coworkers
  • Underappreciated
  • Overburdened
  • Ineffective Systems
  • Overworked

It’s time for something better.

We will not stop until we are the best place in America to be a caregiver

Caregiving is our devotion. Our life’s work. Hear from Bickford’s founding caregiver about our commitment to the craft.

Andy Eby Bickford Careers

We’re national leaders in resident and caregiver happiness

Loved by our Caregivers

22 Branches Featured as Best Senior Living

Happiness Scores 2x the National Average

Great care requires all of us

Caregivering covers a broad range of skills. Find how you can share your love through Bickford from any of the roles below.

Areas of Work

Certifed Caregivers

Non-Certifed Caregivers

Dining Services

Life Enrichment / Activities






Family has its benefits

Here are some highlights of why it’s better at Bickford.

Schedule & Pay Flexibility

App-Powered Scheduling

Your schedule is transparent, flexible, and in your hands. Know exactly when you’re scheduled to work, get push notifications for open shifts, and real-time updates whenever something changes.

Non-Traditional Shifts

Not every caregiver needs to work 8-hour days all the time. We offer two-hour and four-hour shift options to fit your busy lifestyle.

Daily Pay

Your employer shouldn’t keep your hard earned money locked away. Get on a path to financial wellness by avoiding unnecessary cash flow problems. We give you access to 100% of your net wages by the end of each shift.

Career Development Support

Student Loan Reimbursement

Supporting your growth includes supporting your education. We’ll pay back up to $3,000 of your student loans directly to your student loan provider.

World-Class Leadership Development

Our industry trains skills, not leaders. We take the road less traveled. We’re building the next generation of caregiver leaders through our partnership with Stagen Leadership Academy.

Start Your Career at Zero

Starting your career in healthcare only requires a love for people. We’ll give you the skills you need to take it from there.

Healthcare & Employment Benefits Support

Low Healthcare Costs

We provide a variety of comprehensive health plans to meet your family’s needs while keeping your costs low.

Free Telehealth Visits

Skip the urgent care line for most issues. Get free access to a provider 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with certain plans.

Prescription Savings

Being in healthcare has its benefits. Get significant savings on your prescriptions by using our in-house pharmacy.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for Childcare

You shouldn’t get taxed on the money you spend for childcare. With an FSA, we’ll help you pay for your childcare, tax free.

401k Match

You deserve help saving for retirement. We’ll match up to 3% of your annual pay.


Free Meals

Enjoy complimentary meals from our Bread Basket scratch kitchen during your shifts. (They’re good.)

Verizon Discount

Save 20% or more on your cell phone bill with our large employer group discount.

Purpose-Driven Work

Not all work is created equal. At Bickford, you’ll know that what you do matters, every day.

Are you willing to do what it takes?

Our seniors deserve better. We invite you to join us in caring bigger and transforming how America cares for seniors.