Created to care for our family. Devoted to serving yours.

Purpose-built for our
own mother

Pioneers in assisted

Still family owned
and operated

National leader in resident
& caregiver happiness

The Bickford Story

Our beloved mother and grandmother, Mary Bickford, had a way of splashing joy about her, spilling it into the lives of everyone she met.

After she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she needed more assistance than our family could provide.

We were shocked at the lack of suitable options: They all offered too much or too little care, and nothing felt like home.

We couldn’t find anywhere that deserved someone as special as Mary Bickford, so we decided to create that place.

We wanted to give back to her all the life, love, and happiness she had given us.

In November 1992, Bickford’s first branch — one of the first assisted living residences in Kansas — became Mary’s new home.

What started out as a family need has blossomed into our life’s work.

  • 56 Branches
  • 7 States
  • 3k Residents
  • 2.5k Bickford Family Members
    (our employees are family to us)

We understand what’s at stake here: it’s not just someone, it’s your loved one. We’re here to care for each resident in the same way we cared for Mary.

Mary Bickford’s life motto:

“Whatever it takes to
make you happy.”

Bickford continues to be a family owned and operated business

Bickford’s first president was Don Eby, Mary’s son-in-law.

Since he passed away in 2010, his sons Mike, Joe, and Andy Eby have continued the legacy of doing whatever it takes to help your “Mary” live happier, healthier — longer.

From left: Andy, Joe, Don
& Mike Eby

We’re national leaders in resident and caregiver happiness

Loved by our Caregivers

22 Branches Featured as Best Senior Living

Happiness Scores 2x the National Average

Caregiver Culture

We are a family of caregivers who are willing to do whatever it takes to make our residents happy.

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