Work in Dining Services


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Work in Dining Services



It doesn’t take too many shifts worked in the restaurant industry to realize that the lifestyle isn’t exactly family friendly. Late nights. Uncertain schedules. Unpredictable customers and take-home pay.

What if you could apply the same skills you use at your restaurant job in a setting with regular hours and a familiar clientele? A position with stability, purpose and a true sense of family?

This is precisely the environment you’ll find in dining services at Bickford Senior Living.

“Restaurant industry folks love senior living,” says Bickford owner Andy Eby. “You have the opportunity to build relationships with the residents. It’s a big lifestyle improvement. The last meal is at 5—and you’re done at 6.”

Bickford is looking for kitchen managers, cooks, and dietary aides (servers) to join our family. If you’re contemplating the next chapter in your career, click here to learn more about opportunities with Bickford Senior Living.