Stop by and visit us at Bickford of Midland
Enjoy conversations with friends on the porch at Bickford of Midland
Socialize with friends in the living room at Bickford of Midland
Food is best when shared with family and friends in the private dining room at Bickford of Midland
Enjoy homestyle food with made-from-scratch recipes in our dining room at Bickford of Midland
Curl up with a good book in the sunroom at Bickford of Midland
Love your own stylist? She’s welcome to take care of you in the salon at Bickford of Midland
Hydrotherapy eases achy joints in our whirlpool at Bickford of Midland
Enjoy senior friendly amenities, personal climate control and security in an apartment at Bickford of Midland
Enjoy senior friendly amenities, personal climate control and security in an apartment at Bickford of Midland
Enjoy the outdoors in a whole new light by stepping into our secure courtyard at Bickford of Midland
Mary B’s living room provides a smaller, more intimate setting to encourage interaction at Bickford of Midland
Mary B’s country kitchen evokes a sense of home and reconnects residents to past life skills at Bickford of Midland
Enjoy the view of the outdoors from the sunroom at Bickford of Midland
Receive personalized, at-home treatment from our stylist in the salon at Bickford of Midland
Residents with dementia can enjoy a traveling path, relaxed seating and raised garden beds in the courtyard at Bickford of Midland

Bickford of Midland

Real Residents, Real Reviews

Knowing who to trust in this journey is hard — especially when your loved one’s health and happiness are at stake.

Real Residents
Real Reviews

Most senior living communities say similar things like: “We provide great care!” or “Our staff is the best!” or “Your mom will be happy here!”

But how do you know that’s really true?

Our current residents and families know whether or not we walk the talk. That’s why we give you direct access to their real thoughts and real options.

Why we publish real reviews — including the bad ones

Reviews for Bickford of Midland


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Reviews with Comments

  • Mar 1, 2024

    As Bickford has filled up the new larger Memory Care Unit, they have added staff and every one of them seems just like the existing staff; caring, compassionate and kind while working in a very difficult and unpredictable situation with the memory care residents.

  • Feb 1, 2024

    My loved one's care level has been increased for no reason which increased rent by $70 per day. This is not acceptable!

  • Jan 7, 2024

    We recently went through a COVID outbreak and the Bickford Staff handled protocols very professionally. Physical therapy appointments for my Mother are accommodated nicely by staff. Meals are good with attention paid to preferences of the resident. We made a good choice when we chose Bickford.

  • Dec 3, 2023

    I was very disappointed with the staffing over the holiday weekend. My mother fell while transferring to a dining room chair. She should have help when transferring! I watched another person fall out of a chair because there was no staff around. I feel that with the increase in residency, you don't have enough staffing for the needs of the residents. Often, the aids are standing around talking with each other and not paying attention to the residents.

  • Nov 1, 2023

    My Mom has fallen a couple of times recently and the staff has been wonderful with her and patient. I even received a call early Sunday morning letting me know she had fallen again and was ok.

  • Nov 1, 2023

    Don't like the fact that management seems to have high turnover.. makes things feel a bit unstable.

  • Nov 1, 2023

    My mother reports that the staff are very nice.

  • Nov 1, 2023

    The WiFi signal seems to be more challenging than it used to be.

  • Oct 2, 2023

    Too quick on interactions w/ Mom. Staff is in and out in seconds. Sit down, have a conversation. Mom’s a recluse and needs to be treated as such. It’s very sad. Lots of employee turnover and new employees are slow to be trained to the service plan. However, new employees treat Mom very well.

  • Sep 4, 2023

    As my spouse's Alzheimer's decline continues, the one constant has been the rock-steady compassion and care of all the staff. They truly are our Guardian Angels.

  • Aug 1, 2023

    Staff has been very kind and informative as Mom has been a little different acting the last two weeks

  • Jul 2, 2023

    Finding it hard to communicate with leadership. Phone calls not returned. Questions remain unanswered. Staff not visible (because they are busy) when I stop by.

  • Jul 2, 2023

    Appreciate the stand-up-too raised Puzzle Table !

  • Jul 2, 2023

    As my spouse struggles with Alzheimers in the Memory Care Unit, the staff and management have been totally focused on helping my spouse stay calm, comfortable and safe. They are remarkable compassionate people.

Reviews FAQ

Bickford residents and families have frequent opportunities to participate in providing feedback throughout the year. Bickford sends out a comprehensive annual survey evaluating all aspects of a residents experience. Following this survey, Bickford sends out a monthly survey to see if we are making progress on improving their happiness levels. The responses to both surveys are posted on the website and remain there for a year.

Bickford is committed to transparency. That means posting all feedback – both positive and negative. Every review is included in our overall score (star-rating). However, we do not post comments that are libelous, profane or risk violating the privacy of our residents.

A Bickford Verified Resident Review is a review provided by a resident or family member/significant other that has been verified by Bickford as an authorized individual. Individual names are protected for privacy reasons.

Bickford has developed a program to improve resident happiness based specifically on the scores and comments of the surveys. Each Branch sets goals to improve targeted areas identified from the surveys. The actions that need to be taken are discussed as a part of each shifts daily stand-up meeting.

Due to the unique and personalized nature of our business, responses to reviews, if requested, happen individually.

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