Larry Thompson nominated for Bickford Family Member of the Year 2023


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Larry Thompson nominated for Bickford Family Member of the Year 2023


Pearl Ceremony

Kansas City, MO — Bickford of Bexley maintenance coordinator Larry Thompson was recently honored as one of three nominees for 2023 Bickford Family Member of the year at the company’s annual Pearl Ceremony in Kansas City. As part of the annual awards ceremony, Bickford headquarters sent a video crew to capture Bexley residents and resident family members talking about the impact he’s had on them, and why he deserves the recognition. Here’s what they had to say. Congratulations, Larry! We’re proud to have you on our team.

Barbara Hebeisen: It’s great to know him. It really is. And a handy man who knows all the workings of the building, you better keep them because they are rarity in this world. My husband and I had a little problem one morning. We weren’t agreeing on anything. So later that day, a knock came on my door and walking in with miss Haley and Mr. Larry. And followed behind was the sheepest looking and call my husband with a big bouquet of flowers. So the two residents of miss Haley and Mr. Larry decided that, he needed to make amends. He’s a rare person, very rare. Thank you for everything that you do. And I’m sure glad that you like my York candy bars and Milky Ways in my room because without you, I don’t think I would keep a supply going. Love you. And he has kept my husband occupied, which is nice to know because, you know, when you’re old and you don’t have a job anymore, you grow old too fast. So he’s keeping my husband young.

Kurt Hebeisen: He can do almost everything. And I’m very good. I like working with him because I got some work. He’s an outstanding guy?

Lori Ransey: He’s a really wonderful guy. Every time I come in and I happen to see him when I’m visiting my father, he’s around, he’s personable, he is welcoming, and he really goes out of the way, his way to help every single person whether you’re a resident or just somebody visiting. He always takes the time to interact with people around him. Even if that means it slows him down a little bit in getting something done, he realizes that that’s part of the the whole pack of caring for the building and the premises and the people here at Bickford. Thank you, Larry, for being such an important part of my father’s life, for taking care of him even when he might be impatient and for making sure he has everything he needs all the time.

Robert Meyer: Larry is the glue that keeps Bickford of Beckley running. Truly the unsung hero behind the scenes that does not get perhaps the glory or recognition that he should.

Lee Bach: Well, Larry is a different kind of animal. And the toilet wouldn’t flush. So I came down to lunch. And on the way, I passed Larry in the hall, And I said, toilet won’t flush. And he said, got it. I went into lunch, I came back from lunch and the toilet was fixed. Well, Larry, I love you.