Shelli McGinley winner of Executive Director of the Year 2023


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Shelli McGinley winner of Executive Director of the Year 2023


Pearl Ceremony

Kansas City, MO — Bickford of Rockford’s Executive Director Shelli McGinley was recently honored as the winner of three nominees for 2023 Executive Director of the year at the company’s annual Pearl Ceremony in Kansas City. As part of the annual awards ceremony, Bickford headquarters sent a video crew to capture Rockford’s residents and resident family members talking about the impact she’s had on them, and why she deserves the recognition. Here’s what they had to say. Congratulations, Shelli! We’re proud to have you on our team.

Rick Swansbro: My favorite quality about Shelli is the fact that, whatever your need is, if you need to talk to her, if you need help with any paperwork, if you have any questions as far as what the family is going through right now, she’s there to answer it. I don’t know how we would have got through the last year without your support and your help.

Julie Young: She makes Bickford a warm, inviting, safe place for my mother to be at. She’s involved with the residents. She truly cares about them and she wants this to be the best place for them to live. I love her energy. She always looks great too. I appreciate how Shelli just brings love and energy to the residents each day. Shelli, we are so grateful that we found you and Bickford to take care of our mom. And I know you go above and beyond every day for the residents. And we are truly grateful.

Roger Mahler: She’s on top of things. She knows everybody. If you come in and talk to her, she knows at what point where my mother was at. And if my mother was having problems, she knew about it. Shelli, a big, big, big thank you for everything you do. Thank you so much.

Rob Babcock: She creates an atmosphere here that is in line with everything that Bickford stands for. When she would leave and going out the door, she would walk by the room that my mother was in after my father passed away and would look in, say hello to my mother, and just look at her as if it was her own mother. She treated my family with great dignity and respect and friendliness. My favorite thing about Shelli is her love of her residents. They are her own family. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you, Shelli. I do miss being here every weekend and seeing you and the rest of the staff.

Virginia Borth: There’s so much to tell about Shelli. She’s a wonderful, wonderful person who radiates joy and happiness.

Dorothy Schnulle: She’s a friend. She’s a girlfriend. But she works very hard. At times, we laugh together because she is cute and at my age, I need somebody like her. I feel very secure here because of you.