Misty Cottrell nominated for Executive Director of the Year 2023


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Misty Cottrell nominated for Executive Director of the Year 2023


Pearl Ceremony

Kansas City, MO — Bickford of Marion’s Executive Director Misty Cottrell was recently honored as one of three nominees for 2023 Executive Director of the year at the company’s annual Pearl Ceremony in Kansas City. As part of the annual awards ceremony, Bickford headquarters sent a video crew to capture Marion’s residents and resident family members talking about the impact she’s had on them, and why she deserves the recognition. Here’s what they had to say. Congratulations, Misty! We’re proud to have you on our team.

Elena Lightheart: Misty enriches the happiness of the residents because she treats them all as individuals. Misty is new unique and special because she always makes time for everybody. All of the people that live here she’ll stop and make puzzles with them. If someone’s having a hard day, she’ll stop and talk to them. No matter what time of day or night, she’s always available. Misty, thank you for everything you’ve done for Bickford and my mother and me. I will never forget you.

Deb Lukes: She is well liked by the staff and I appreciate all that she does for her staff and listens to them and, is a great manager in that respect. She is always positive. Misty is very special in that she is such a hard worker and always here for the residents and for the staff. She’s selfless.

Gerald Cunningham: Misty enriches the happiness of the residents here by, I don’t know a lot of directors, but I’ve I seen a couple in other places, and Missy’s gone far more above than what the other directors I’ve ever seen do. Thank you Misty for being there for me and thank you for everything you’ve done for my mom. It meant a lot to us. Thank you again.

June Cunningham: She’s always been very friendly, very truthful and makes us feel like we’re a part of the family here at Bickford. Misty takes a personal interest in everything. The events, the days, the people. She puts a lot of her life and her heart into Bickford, into the residents, into the families.

Sally Treiber: I feel like Misty’s special because she always puts everybody else first. She wants to make sure I’m comfortable. She wants to make sure my mom’s comfortable. Misty’s just the most lovable person because she is so kind and she’s so thoughtful.

Rhonda Reamon: I know if she’s a higher level she’s got big things to worry about, but she still takes the time to come and check up on people and be out there and be one of the group. I think that’s important.

Jeremy O’Brien: Misty is, as far as I I’m concerned, has been the best director that I’ve, actually, interacted with. I’d have to say that Misty is a gem, especially, in this field. You have made my life so much easier and such a peace of mind. I can’t thank you enough. And, I hope you have the very best that life has to offer.