5 Myths About Assisted Living


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5 Myths About Assisted Living


Assisted Living

Misconceptions about what moving to assisted living really means can cloud the senior care conversation. Here, we debunk a handful of common myths associated with assisted living—so you can make a more informed decision about your loved one’s future.


Myth #1: Your parents would rather move in with you.

“In all the time I’ve spent working in the senior living field, most parents have told me this secret: They never want to live with their kids,” writes senior living expert Star Bradbury in her new book, Successfully Navigating Your Parents’ Senior Years. “Your parents love you and don’t want to hurt your feelings, but believe me when I tell you that the majority of parents value their autonomy, and they don’t want to be a burden.”


Myth #2: It’s just like a nursing home.

“This could not be farther from the truth,” Bradbury says. “Some assisted living facilities are so nice and the apartments so lovely, you truly would not even know you were in assisted living instead of independent living.” In assisted living, you’ll get a helping hand when you need it but will still be able to participate in a multitude of onsite activities, remain involved in your community, and even drive your own car for as long as you’re able.


Myth #3: It’s too expensive.

 There’s no denying senior care is pricey. But on average, assisted living is actually less expensive than a full-time home health aide, according to Genworth’s annual Cost of Care Survey. The cost of home care is also rising at a higher rate than at congregate care properties—up 12 percent year-over-year, compared to less than 5 percent at assisted living facilities.


Myth #4: They’re all the same.

 Assisted living facilities are as varied and unique as their residents. From small, intimate campuses to sprawling communities, assisted living properties come in all shapes and sizes—and offer a wide range of services, activities, excursions, menus and most importantly, staff. The only way to know if it might be the right fit? Schedule a visit!


Myth #5: You’ll lose your independence.

In fact, a well-timed move to assisted living may ultimately help you (or your loved one) remain independent even longer. “You start losing your options to control your life if you wait for a crisis to happen,” Bradbury says. “Moving sooner may be a tradeoff, but one that will result in getting the help and support you need now.”


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