A Higher Path for Ray


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A Higher Path for Ray


Senior Health and Wellbeing HigherPath Celebrations

Ray is a 78-year-old resident in Bickford of Chesapeake’s Memory Care unit and a Navy Veteran of 20 years. He loves the Philadelphia Eagles, Big Band music, puzzles, singing, and reading. Unfortunately, after a fall and some health complications, Ray was hospitalized and sent to in-patient rehab. “He’s not doing well over there. We just need to bring him home,” exclaimed Whitney, Executive Director, during one of many HigherPath meetings.

About a month later, Ray returned home to Bickford, but it was not the same Ray who had left. He had lost weight, complained of pain, was withdrawn, confused, had changes in mood, had difficulty communicating his needs, and was severely deconditioned. He spent most of his time in bed. Without quick intervention, the possibility of recovery looked bleak. Luckily, our team quickly put an action plan together. Nurse Practitioner, Laura, and Curana Health reviewed Ray’s medications and modified pain management orders. Fox Rehabilitation’s team focused on restoring Ray’s strength, returning to activities of daily living such as dressing, self-feeding, grooming, and toileting, and recommended durable medical equipment. Simone, Divisional Director of Operations, creatively envisioned an idea to decorate Ray’s bathroom with Eagles memorabilia to make Ray’s environment feel familiar, safe, and help Ray engage in self-cares. Latoya, Clinical Success Manager along with SafelyYou, analyzed Ray’s environment, daily activity patters, and fall history, to identify fall risks and implement fall prevention strategies to keep him safe. Amy, our Happiness Coordinator, organized weekly visits from Helen and her pet therapy dog, Honey. Caregivers, Vera and Lyna, took special care of Ray to encourage eating during meals.

Within a few months, Ray was back to his spunky self. He regained his sense of sarcastic humor and now participates in activities, reminisces of his time in the Navy, reads the Daily Bread with his new buddy, Ann, and cruises around singing his favorite songs.