A Higher Path for Mrs. C


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A Higher Path for Mrs. C


HigherPath Celebrations Senior Health and Wellbeing

Mrs. C has been a resident at Bickford of Spotsylvania since May of 2022 after retiring as a highly creative fine arts teacher. She is known for her comic relief, cheerfulness and for being a social butterfly.

After a devastating fall and surgery, it became our mission to her get back to doing the things she loved through a customized treatment plan. She was provided in-house therapists who were respectful, listened, and encouraging in order to help reduce her pain and avoid further injuries.

From there, the milestones came fast! She was able to transfer herself in and out of her wheelchair and bed and she began walking consistently with her walker which quickly returned her to socializing. We credit our amazing hands-on FOX physical therapists. They understood that any improvement to true wellness must involve both her body and her mind. She now lives pain free, relaxed and rejuvenated with a new lease on life.