A Higher Path for Lois


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A Higher Path for Lois


HigherPath Celebrations Senior Health and Wellbeing

“No, we can’t give up on her yet.” This was the response Amy, our Happiness Coordinator at Bickford of Chesapeake, said to Lois’ family when faced with the fear that Lois was giving up after going through several health challenges, falls, and hospitalizations. As a result, Lois rarely got out of bed, could no longer walk, lost weight from refusing food, and lost interest in social activities.

Through discussion at our HigherPath meetings, a plan came together to help Lois and improve her quality of life. Fox Rehabilitation’s occupational and physical therapy team worked on strengthening her muscles, walking, and activities of daily living such as dressing, toileting, and grooming. Amy made Lois’ favorite drink, banana smoothies, and worked to get her involved in activities again. The Ally Align team made frequent visits to her room and advocated for a PocketTalker Amplifier to help Lois hear and communicate with the caregivers. In conjunction with nursing, Mallory, our Bread Basket Manager, placed Lois on nutrition intervention protocol.

Three months later, Lois is thriving again. She has gained weight, is walking with her walker, and even recently traveled on the bus with her friends to play her favorite game, Bingo! When we think about how far Lois has come, it truly is a testimony to the power of the HigherPath model and helping our residents live happier, healthier – longer.